St. Oswald's Scottish Episcopal Church, Glasgow
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Vestry Notes

As usual, quite a lot of time at the meeting of 7th May was taken up with discussion of property and the maintenance thereof. The Vestry were pleased to hear that a cleaner had now begun work on two afternoons a week (M & Th).

We are also hoping that the exterior of the premises will be enhanced shortly. Work on the Garden of Rest had begun on the afternoon before teh meeting. It is intended that the memorial plaques will eventually be restored and fixed. Being bronze they will not weather as badly as the wooden cross which has been moved inside the sacred space.

There was much discussion about the Sunday School. DN has been in charge of this for a long time but she would like further help. Two of the present helpers (BW & FP) are supposed to be with the children as they have been C.R.B. checked.

Meanwhile, there is a plan to have a children's song instead of the first hymn on the fourth Sunday of the month, starting in June. It was decided that the Sunday School would not meet in July or August.

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