St. Oswald's Scottish Episcopal Church, Glasgow
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About St Oswald's, our Parish and our Church!

St. Oswald's is part of the Scottish Episcopal Church within the Diocese of Glasgow & Galloway, and is therefore part of the Anglican Communion Worldwide. The Scottish Episcopal Church has deep historical roots, founded in the first saints to come to our shores, and suffered greatly through it's allegiance to the Jacobite Cause and the Stuart Dynasty.

Today, the Church is small, but has a significant role to play in Scottish life and culture. Our parish welcomes people of all ages and cultures and is particularly pleased to keep in touch with other Anglicans throughout the world.

St. Oswald's was founded in 1931, as one of the churches built under the Home Mission Board's "Million Shilling Sceme", which was launched in the 1920's to provide mission churches in six of the new housing areas growing up in the city of Glasgow.

In 1966 a new building was erected and consecrated to house an expected growth of the congregation which never actually materialised! This building was deconsecrated in 2002 and demolished in 2003 and the congregation returned to the traditional red sandstone Church.

It's most famous former clergyman would be the Revd Alistair A. I. M. Haggart, who went on to become Bishop of Edinburgh, and then Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

We are small in numbers, but committed and welcoming to newcomers and fellow seekers of the truth.

We have just completed an extensive Parish Audit, Mission 21, which should see many changes in the way we do things over the next few years.

We hope to keep you posted on this site!
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