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70th Birthday Celebrations - Plans begin!

At the request of the Vestry, a small group met on Wednesday 28th March to discuss how we could most effectively celebrate our 70th Birthday, and report back.

Present were Fr Kenny, Joyce McHaffie, Peter Scoles, Norah Templeton, Anne Young, Morag McHaffie, Freda Pearce and Dorothy Nicholson.

Obviously the celebration should revolve around the Sung Eucharist at our Dedication Festival on Sunday 9th September. Fr Kenny accepted responsibility for devising a lively celebration, and musicians could be imported to help with the worship. After some discussion, it was agreed to cancel the 10am Eucharist, and instead to have the service at 2.30pm. A quick phone call to the Bishop ascertained that he was available! This would allow people travelling to be there, together with people who have their own church commitments, and clergy who have parishes to look after in the morning. The following was agreed and needs Vestry ratification:

1) Invitations should go to former clergy, clergy who were once congregational members, members of the Clergy Fraternal, Regional Councils, past members and hall users. Invitations should also go to Local Councillors and our MSP.
2) A buffet, (cold), would be provided after the service at which the Bishop would preach and celebrate. The buffet would be handled by our usual outside caterers, and the Vestry should bear the cost of this, initially. Donations towards the cost of food would be discreetly requested and a plate for this purpose be put at the hall door. Invitations with “RSVP” on them would give us an idea of numbers to cater for. Anne Young will take responsibility for the invitations, although Fr Kenny said he would design them and print them off on his computer. A letter would also be sent from the Vestry with the invitation, which Fr Kenny undertook to draft.
3) There would be an offering at the Eucharist for Gift Day Envelopes and FWO envelopes.
4) The Gift Day provoked some discussion. It was agreed that The Gift Day envelope would bear the wording “A Thank Offering for 70 Years”, or something similar, and envelopes would be sent with invitations. The letter with this would have to be sensitive, but giving past members and friends an opportunity to give or otherwise with no direct pressure. It was also accepted that those who could not come to the day would then be in a position to contribute anyway. As far as the congregation goes, the Gift Day envelope with a Vestry Letter would be put out as usual in the magazine, emphasising the 70th Birthday Thank Offering.
5) There would be a cake! Anne Young insists! It was agreed to have a Birthday Cake with 70 candles, which Norah undertook to blow out.
6) Our Information Packs/Welcome Packs, (a la MYCMI), must be ready and this opportunity for mission and outreach must be taken, especially with local guests.
7) Children must be remembered, and catered for.

Having discussed the machinations of our Dedication Festival Day, we looked at what else could be appropriate. It was unanimously agreed that we should have an Exhibition called “St. Oswald’s, Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow”. This will take a bit of planning on the part of the Events Group, but a really good exhibition is possible with lots of photographs and facts. The fact that MYCMI has just completed its work recently will make this interesting and pretty powerful if done properly. Exhibition Boards can be borrowed or hired, and we see it being in place for Sunday 9th in the church building. The past has been well researched of late, we should have no problems with the present, and the future centres around Mission 21 and our developing plans. We have the opportunity to show that we have a vision for the future!
1) The Exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday 15th September from 10am-4pm, and we would produce nice floral displays to go with our Exhibition Boards. Local History should be included, and perhaps someone in the Community Council could recommend a local historian! I wonder if McTaggart & Mickel would have anything interesting in archive?
2) Coffee/tea and cake at the cost of Ł1 entry would be provided. This is an excellent chance for mission and telling the community what we are about and how we can help them! Again, lots of Info Packs are needed.
3) Publicity is paramount, and Fr Kenny accepted that responsibility. Lots of coloured attractive posters will be made. The Rutherglen Reformer will be used as much as they are willing to be used, to give us decent free advertising and publish stories of the two events. The Scottish Episcopalian and the DNS would be used, too, for this purpose.
4) Again, children must be remembered, and the Events Group could look at ways of attracting children, and their parents, to the Exhibition itself!
5) Just my thought, but if it was interesting enough, children from local Primary Schools could be invited for an hour mid-week.

The whole issue of souvenirs for the event has been put on hold until after Easter, and Joyce is costing various alternatives including commemorative mugs. There will be some Vestry outlay beforehand, but we expect that bread cast upon the waters will be returned many times over!

All in all, it should be a wonderful event, and I would encourage the Vestry to allow this little group to “run with it” until its execution! (For want of a better word!)

KLM 28th March 2001

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